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    Our company, Chuo Gyorui Co., Ltd, more familiarly called "Marunaka" is one of the biggest wholesalers of marine products at Tsukiji Fish Market, located in the very centre of Tokyo with an annual turnover of more than 2 billion dollars.
    Tsukiji Fish Market is probably the largest fish market in the world, famous not only for the quantity and quality of its sea food, but also as a tourist attraction, astounding many visitors with sights such as ten feet long fresh blue fin tuna from the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea,

President Hiroyasu Itoh
    and three inch long, farmed prawns from the Australian Sea. In fact, the percentage of imported seafood is increasing daily, monthly, yearly, adding exotic varieties of seafood to the vast range already enjoyed in Japan. This phenomenon is just fact and not exaggeration.
    Due to recent rapid development of the transportation system, we can manage distribution of products between buyers and shippers, not only domestically but also internationally far more effectively than ever before.
    Marunaka prides itself on its business integrity and operates in strict compliance with Central Wholesale Market Law to ensure that our customers have the best possible service we can provide. This means that we have excellent relationships with our suppliers and clients and our reputation reflects this.
    If you would like more information about "Tsukiji Fish Market" or "Marunaka", please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    Hiroyasu Itoh / President